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Frequently Asked Questions About Beekeeping Tours:

You've got questions... we've got answers.  We will try to address the most frequently asked questions, but if we didn't address your question here, please email us at and we will respond to you.

What is included with the beekeeping tour?

Each one-hour ($39 per person) tour starts with some fun facts and education on bees and beekeeping. Then you will take part in a mini honey tasting, and finally, you will be provided with full protective beekeeping gear, including bee suit, hood, and gloves to wear.  You will get to see behind the scenes, inside the hive, and will have the opportunity to hold a frame of bees for a photo opportunity to wow your friends and family.  (Our gloves work with smartphones. You should never remove your gloves to take a photo,.) 

What kind of weather is needed for tours?

Beekeeping is weather and bee dependent.  Tours may be cancelled is there is rain or if the temperature falls under 55 degrees (as this puts their brood, or babies, at risk).  If a tour is cancelled, we will contact you via email the morning of the beekeeping tour and you will be issued a full refund.

What can I expect on a beekeeping tour?

Our beekeeper will use a smoker to calm the bees.  Please be aware that this has an odor similar to a campfire and that you may smell like smoke after the tour.  It is a safety measure that we can't avoid and it is part of a beekeeper's daily life.  

You can also expect a short walk on uneven ground to get to the hives, so please consider this as you book your tour.

What should I wear? What should I avoid before a tour?

Please wear closed shoes and ideally boots that cover your ankles.  If you don't have those, we do have some extra pairs on hand, but we can't guarantee that we will have your size.  Please bring along an extra pair of socks, if you plan to borrow boots from us. 


You can bring your camera or smartphone for pictures. Photography is welcome and we have special beekeeping gloves that work with smartphones.  

Bees don't like the smell of bananas, so please avoid eating those the day of our tour.  Bees also don't like strong scents, so please avoid wearing perfume and cologne to the tour.

What if I am allergic to bee stings?

If you have a known allergy, please don't book the beekeeping tour.  Instead, we recommend a honey tasting experience to enjoy.

We do keep an epi pen on hand and have a first aid kit on-site, if needed.

Are children welcome?

Well behaved children ages 10-17 are welcome and must be accompanied by a parent / guardian and that person must sign off on a hold harmless waiver for their child(ren). 

Will I get stung?

It is highly unlikely that you would get stung, but we cannot guarantee that.  Our bees are very gentle, and we use a smoker to calm them.  We use precautions, such as protective gear to help prevent you from getting stung. We have all attendees assume  the responsibility that they could get stung, and each person must sign a liability waiver / hold harmless agreement.  We don't want you to get stung, and the bees will die after they sting you, so we want to ensure everyone's safety the best we can.  As in any agritourism experience, there is an amount of risk involved, as livestock can be unpredictable.

How many people are allowed per tour?

To ensure a quality experience for all, we limit the number of guests to 10 per beekeeping tour.

View our Booking Policies and Hold Harmless Waiver

Are private tours available?

Absolutely! We love private tours for groups.  This allows us to tailor your tour to your needs.  Please contact us at to set up your private tour date and time.

Are accomodations available for those with disabilities?

We try our best to accommodate customer needs.   Please contact us to discuss your individual needs. 

Is there a bathroom on site?

Yes, there is a port-a-potty onsite with sanitizer and a hand washing station on site.

What if I need to cancel my reservation?

A refund is available if a cancellation is made within 48 hours of the scheduled tour, however this is subject to a small fee that we incur from our provider, and we pass that fee on to the customer.  Please review our detailed tour cancellations and refund policy. 

What time should I / we arrive?

For the safety of our guests and to get our tours started on time, please arrive 10 minutes before the start of your tour.  We will start promptly at your tour time.  You will have time after your tour to purchase gifts or honey in our gift shop before you leave, if you choose.

The group before you will be departing, so please do not park them in, as they need to leave to provide you with a parking spot.

When you arrive and park, please go to the right side of the building to enter through the side door.

Frequently Asked Questions About Honey Tastings:

Our full one-hour honey tastings can be booked for your private party.  They are great for a gathering of friends, family, teammates, or co-workers, as well as bridal showers ("bride to bee", or "she found her honey"), baby showers ("mom / dad to bee"), celebration ("have you heard the buzz?"), birthday ("happy bee-day"), 1st birthday ("sweet as can bee"), and more! We host our one-hour honey tastings off-site and can either come to your location or can help you secure a location. 

What can I expect at a honey tasting?

Each tasting ($25 per person) begins with some fun interactive trivia about bees and honey to get everyone involved.  Next you will be briefed on how bees make honey.  Then, the sweet stuff begins. 

Most people have only tasted clover honey from the store.  We will have several colors of honey on hand to sample, ranging from light to medium to dark honey as well as a variety of textures of honey, including; crystallized, creamed, and from the comb. 

You will learn how to properly taste honey, as it is a full experience that happens with many of our senses including; sight, smell, taste, and touch. Each attendee will use a color and flavor wheel to assign words to with they are experiencing with these new flavors.  It can be difficult to find the words to describe what you are tasting.  Attendees will keep notes with their thoughts on each honey and we will compare and contrast these among the group.

Where can I find special event listings? How can I book a tasting?

Please check our bookings on the main page to see if there is an event date / time that works for you.  If you want to host an event, please contact us at

Can I buy a honey tasting kit?

Yes! We offer honey tasting kits for sale at each honey tasting event. Each kit comes with a variety of honey flavors, and it includes a honey tasting wheel and a honey color chart, so you can replicate this experience at home with your friends and family! 

Who should do a honey tasting?

Anyone who wants to have fun, learn, do something new, or loves honey! It is an engaging and interactive and activity to do with friends, or to get to meet new friends. It is the perfect event for all* ages and abilities!   It is a wonderful alternative to an alcohol tasting, or it can be paired with alcohol at your event.


You may choose to come up with food pairings or a charcuterie board, if you host your own event, and we can help you determine the best cheeses to match with our honey varieties we will taste. (Our honey tasting events do not come with food, but you may add it to your private tasting if you wish.)

*Do not feed honey to children under the age of one.

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