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Purchase a Honey Tasting Kit to allow you to recreate a honey tasting at home with friends and family! Kit is $30 and includes 3- 3 ounce honeys in glass jars, a honey dipper, tasting spoons, and a honey flavor wheel.  Your tasting kit includes the following honeys to sample:


1. Orange Blossom- brightly colored with clear notes of citrus, from bees foraging in Florida and California orange groves.


2. Clover- a sunny-colored honey with a delicate, mild sweetness sourced from the Dakotas, Montana and other Midwest states OR Berry- a deeper color of honey with mixed notes of berries sourced from the Pacific Northwest, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Maine.


3. Wildflower- A classic medium-colored honey with a subtly robust, full-bodied sweetness, made in America's wildflower meadows. * Premium raw honey with natural pollen and enzymes,  * Grade A strained, *  Kosher, *  Product of U.S.A.

Honey Tasting Kit

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